A love of Grimm’s Fairytales and times gone by are what inspired Sara Muntz of Gaia Jewellery to create her delightful jewellery range. Learning the basics from a local silversmith and then experimenting with different techniques over the years have led to Sara’s distinct jewellery style.

Sara hand sculpts her designs  from wax or clay, along with the odd “found” object, before they  are cast into sterling silver or brass and adorned with fine chains or twinkling gemstones.

“I become quite attached to my creations when I’m sculpting them as there is a lot of experimentation (and sometimes tears!) to get from the vision in my head to a wearable, finished piece.  Most of my designs end up with names such as Thomasina (the Rabbit) or Dartanian (the Stag) along the way,  as to me they are so much more than just a pretty bauble, so it’s fantastic when someone else feels a connection with my work too!”

Sara resides on the Sunshine Coast of Australia where she works from her home studio and occasionally can be found at the Eumundi Markets.